Parents in Hesperia Shocked and Appalled 01/24/2019

Sick and disgusting perpetrator, Pedro Martinez a 45 year-old janitor, arrested for committing lewd acts with a small child at a local elementary school.

PARENTS, watch your children! We live in a sick world and it’s up to us to watch over our loved ones. Don’t trust anyone with your children. May justice prevail. Our prayers for the boy and his family.




DID YOU KNOW THAT STATISTICALLY📈 (as of 2016), individuals representing themselves in “pro-per” (within California’s limited and/or unlimited Superior/Federal Courts) have been obtaining higher trial verdicts than individuals with lawyers? And, IN HALF THE TIME, i.e. 6 months to 1 year max. Especially within criminal related civil restitution cases.

Don’t believe us…. GOOGLE IT YOURSELF!

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We believe in justice and yes, sometjmes people get a raw deal when innocent BUT when it’s obvious someone is guilty⬇️

Doesn’t it seem as if criminals have more rights than victims?

Even when victims have overwhelming documented evidence against their perpetrator(s), these individuals are given “reasonable doubt,” and time for “investigations.” On top of that, despite overwhelming documented evidence, perpetrators demand terms like “ALLEGED perpetrator” or “ALLEGATION.”

YET, the victim must withstand the violation, the emotional trauma which stems from the act, along with all the other heartaches. Victims must wait idally by until finally law enforcement authorities come up with probable cause to seek out a warrant from a Judge.

EVEN THEN, after the perpetrator is arrested, the criminal is entitled to hire counsel, post bail and continue hearings, trials, sentencing etc.

Instead of feeling as if justice will prevail, US victims feel even more violated. It’s as if there are additional layers to the original criminal act against the victim. Sure, the subsequent are less violent, but definitely more emotional.

Having to endure the waiting periods and judicial protocol tiers contributes to a victim’s psychological injuries. And even if one is in “counseling” it’s still almost impossible to move forward because of a word called TRUST.

This is why we are stepping in. This is why we will make a way. Similar to the 12 step theory, we believe that we can help you overcome any victimization adversity IF you believe in yourself and hold to a higher power.

Whether it’s the G-d that we believe in, or the god that you believe in, trusting in yourself and believing in your higher deity will help you overcome obstacles and adversaries. You see, it’s all a mental thing.

If you come to us, we will be there for you because we have been through the same victimization and/or continue to go through the fire, like you.


TRF Team

The “Pretender” Perpetrator



As victims, we ourselves found that even after reporting our incidents to law enforcement authorities and/or other government agencies, NOTHING WAS ACTUALLY BEING DONE FOR US, THE ACTUAL VICTIMS.

*A White Collar Crime: ⬇️

A group of us were manipulated by people such as this person below which we will use as an example ⬇️  In fact, it was this particular victimization that motivated us to unite against perpetrators of all crimes.

The below particular person mislead several victims into thinking she was a doctor. Under the guise of psychology (when in fact only a licensed marriage and family therapist), she has deceived many.

The above perpetrator continues to defraud others… but luckily, due to our relentless efforts, this “celebrity therapist” will soon be encarcerated.  Her patients continue to think she’s an M.D., a medical doctor. The M.D. actually stands for MASTER DECEIVER.

TRF is calling out this criminal, this pretender perpetrator. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!

⚖Subrogation in Victim Cases

We at The Resilence Foundation (TRF) do not believe anyone EXCEPT THE VICTIM should recover restitution and/or damages.

On a rare occasion, a handful of perpetrators (such as licensed professionals) may have the financial ability to pay restitution and/or damages to a victim(s) by way of professional liability insurance and/or other assets. We at TRF believe that in victimization civil related cases, subrogation should NOT be allowed.

Instead, TRF would convert the subrogated party (for example: MediCal, Rawlings, and/or insurance companies) into a co-Plaintiff, thus allowing them to be a direct Plaintiff so that as co-Plaintiffs these entities may seek their own recovery settlement and/or jury verdict as reimbursement.


Why should the victim have to pay money back to a subrogating company from their settlement IF the third party case relates to a crime. It seems unjust and further victimizes the innocent individual.

TRF plans to reform laws and change legislation for the betterment of victim civil restitution cases. After all, what “damages” or “injuries” did the subrogating company suffer?

What we are saying is, why not reform law so that these entities (be it health insurance companies or government entities) open their own cases for “expenses” aka “damages” as a co-Plaintiff part within any civil-criminal restitution lawsuit, considering these are victim-related cases. Seems wrong to take from the victim. Why not fight alongside the victim against the perpetrator? The chances of a better verdict outcome increase and each party is paid their own settlement (so-to-speak).


Who is a Victim? Are you?

DEFINITION: “VICTIM” – A victim is a person who suffers direct or threatened physical, emotional or financial harm as a result of an act by someone else, which is a crime.

Sexual Misconduct is an umbrella term that includes any non-consensual sexual activity that is committed by force or fear or mental or physical incapacitation, including through the use of alcohol or drugs. Sexual misconduct can vary in its severity and consists of a range of behavior, including rape, statutory rape (sexual contact with a person under 18 years old), sexual touching, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, and conduct suggestive of attempting to commit any of the aforementioned acts.

Engaging in any sexual activity, clear consent must be given.

Rape – Rape is the sexual penetration (however slight) of the victim’s vagina, mouth, or rectum without consent. Rape involves penetration with (a) the use of force/fear or the threat of force/fear; or (b) with a person who is otherwise incapable of giving consent, including situations where the individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this condition was or should have reasonably been known to the accused.

Sexual Touching– Sexual touching, also known as sexual battery, is the act of making unwanted and sexually offensive contact (clothed or unclothed) with an intimate body part of another person or action, which causes immediate apprehension that sexual touch will occur. Intimate body parts include sexual organs, the anus, the groin, breasts or buttocks of any person. Sexual touching includes situations in which the accused engages in the contacts described with a person who is incapable of giving consent.

Sexual Exploitation– Sexual exploitation is the taking advantage of a non-consenting person or situation for personal benefit or gratification or for the benefit of anyone other than the alleged victim; and the behavior does not constitute rape, sexual touching or sexual harassment. Sexual exploitation includes, but is not limited to: Photographing or making audio or video recordings of sexual activity without consent; Dissemination of images or recordings without consent of the participant(s); Allowing others to observe sexual activity without the knowledge or consent of the partner; Voyeurism (peeping tom); Knowingly transmitting a sexually transmitted infection or HIV to another student; Prostituting another person; Giving alcohol or other drugs to another student with the intention of rending him or her incapable of giving consent.

Sexual Harassment– Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome sexual conduct or behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or educational environment. A comprehensive list of prohibited behaviors can be found in the Tiger Lore.

Stalking– Stalking is prohibited. It is willful, malicious and repeated following of a person or harassing behaviors against another person, putting the person in reasonable fear for his or her personal safety, or the safety of his or her family. This includes use of notes, mail, gifts, communication technology (e.g. voicemail, text messages, internet and social networking sites – using any electronic or telecommunication is also known as cyber-stalking) to harass or convey a threat. This offense may also be treated as a type of sexual misconduct in certain situations.

Physical Assault/Battery – Physical assault or battery is prohibited. It is to touch or strike a person against his or her will or to threaten violence against that person.

Dating/Relationship/Domestic Violence– Dating/Relationship/Domestic Violence is prohibited. This type of violence may be emotional, verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse by an intimate partner, family members or parties in a dating relationship.

Theft – Theft is the unlawful and unauthorized removal of any personal property for ones own use.

Threat of Harm – Conveyances of threats, which result in, or may result in, harm to any person by willful and deliberate means is prohibited.

For other types of crimes please contact the Department of Public Safety at 209.946.2537.


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