The “Pretender” Perpetrator



As victims, we ourselves found that even after reporting our incidents to law enforcement authorities and/or other government agencies, NOTHING WAS ACTUALLY BEING DONE FOR US, THE ACTUAL VICTIMS.

*A White Collar Crime: ⬇️

A group of us were manipulated by people such as this person below which we will use as an example ⬇️  In fact, it was this particular victimization that motivated us to unite against perpetrators of all crimes.

The below particular person mislead several victims into thinking she was a doctor. Under the guise of psychology (when in fact only a licensed marriage and family therapist), she has deceived many.

The above perpetrator continues to defraud others… but luckily, due to our relentless efforts, this “celebrity therapist” will soon be encarcerated.  Her patients continue to think she’s an M.D., a medical doctor. The M.D. actually stands for MASTER DECEIVER.

TRF is calling out this criminal, this pretender perpetrator. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!

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