We believe in justice and yes, sometjmes people get a raw deal when innocent BUT when it’s obvious someone is guilty⬇️

Doesn’t it seem as if criminals have more rights than victims?

Even when victims have overwhelming documented evidence against their perpetrator(s), these individuals are given “reasonable doubt,” and time for “investigations.” On top of that, despite overwhelming documented evidence, perpetrators demand terms like “ALLEGED perpetrator” or “ALLEGATION.”

YET, the victim must withstand the violation, the emotional trauma which stems from the act, along with all the other heartaches. Victims must wait idally by until finally law enforcement authorities come up with probable cause to seek out a warrant from a Judge.

EVEN THEN, after the perpetrator is arrested, the criminal is entitled to hire counsel, post bail and continue hearings, trials, sentencing etc.

Instead of feeling as if justice will prevail, US victims feel even more violated. It’s as if there are additional layers to the original criminal act against the victim. Sure, the subsequent are less violent, but definitely more emotional.

Having to endure the waiting periods and judicial protocol tiers contributes to a victim’s psychological injuries. And even if one is in “counseling” it’s still almost impossible to move forward because of a word called TRUST.

This is why we are stepping in. This is why we will make a way. Similar to the 12 step theory, we believe that we can help you overcome any victimization adversity IF you believe in yourself and hold to a higher power.

Whether it’s the G-d that we believe in, or the god that you believe in, trusting in yourself and believing in your higher deity will help you overcome obstacles and adversaries. You see, it’s all a mental thing.

If you come to us, we will be there for you because we have been through the same victimization and/or continue to go through the fire, like you.


TRF Team

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