📙About Us…



The Resilience Foundation (TRF) was formed by victims for victims. Helping other victims is our way of healing, yet giving back to a realm within our criminal justice system which lacks awareness and resources.

The State of California’s Victims of Crime Unit is a fantastic organization whose helped so many.  Unfortunately, because of limited resources, they can only help a percentage.

WE are a small self-funded foundation. Some of our founders still work full-time jobs but understand the need to help others in their spare time. We have all been taken advantage of in one manner or another therefore this is a fighting cause NOT a job.

With help from other victims (by spreading the word about us), we hope to grow and assist as many victims that Victims of Crime may turn away.  We want to be their backup. THE DIFFERENCE IS, we have personally been there and gone through our own hell.

Some of us have experienced abuse as foster children, others have been violated by way of rape, robbery, sexism, discriminative hate, identity fraud, cyber bullying, etc.


As victims, we ourselves found that even after reporting our incidents to law enforcement authorities and/or other government agencies, NOTHING WAS ACTUALLY BEING DONE FOR US, THE ACTUAL VICTIMS.

*A White Collar Crime: ⬇️

A group of us were manipulated by people such as this person below which we will use as an example ⬇️  In fact, it was this particular victimization that motivated us to unite against perpetrators of all crimes.

The below particular person mislead several victims into thinking she was a doctor. Under the guise of psychology (when in fact only a licensed marriage and family therapist), she has deceived many.

ℹ INDEED.COM states LMFT’s earn about $70,000 per year. At one point this LMFT earned over $300,000 IN ONE MONTH! That’s a house!


Plus over $100,000 in CASH co-pays in just 1 month… INSANE!

While WE victims work tirelessly toward JUSTICE, perpetrators like the one outlined above, continue to live amongst society without a care in the world.

The above perpetrator continues to defraud others… but luckily, due to our relentless efforts, this “celebrity therapist” will soon be encarcerated.  Her patients continue to think she’s an M.D., a medical doctor. The M.D. actually stands for MASTER DECEIVER.


We believe in justice and yes, sometjmes people get a raw deal when innocent BUT when it’s obvious someone is guilty⬇️

Doesn’t it seem as if criminals have more rights than victims?

Even when victims have overwhelming documented evidence against their perpetrator(s), these individuals are given “reasonable doubt,” and time for “investigations.” On top of that, despite overwhelming documented evidence, perpetrators demand terms like “ALLEGED perpetrator” or “ALLEGATION.”

YET, the victim must withstand the violation, the emotional trauma which stems from the act, along with all the other heartaches. Victims must wait idally by until finally law enforcement authorities come up with probable cause to seek out a warrant from a Judge.

EVEN THEN, after the perpetrator is arrested, the criminal is entitled to hire counsel, post bail and continue hearings, trials, sentencing etc.

Instead of feeling as if justice will prevail, US victims feel even more violated. It’s as if there are additional layers to the original criminal act against the victim. Sure, the subsequent are less violent, but definitely more emotional.

Having to endure the waiting periods and judicial protocol tiers contributes to a victim’s psychological injuries. And even if one is in “counseling” it’s still almost impossible to move forward because of a word called TRUST.

This is why we are stepping in. This is why we will make a way. Similar to the 12 step theory, we believe we can help you overcome if you believe in yourself and hold to a higher power.

Whether it’s the G-d that we believe in, or the god that you believe in, trusting in yourself and believing in your higher deity will help you overcome obstacles and adversaries. You see, it’s all a mental thing.

If you come to us, we will be there for you because we have been through the same victimization and/or continue to go through the fire, like you.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  It is time for all of US “victims” to STOP BEING VICTIMS and instead, stand UNITED. 🥊

Here, we believe that if you have 📄documented fact of a perpetrator (police report, medical report, lab tests, video, polygraph, audio recording, photographs etc.) documented proof, than the terms “alleged perpetrator” and/or “allegation” GET THROWN OUT THE WINDOW.💨

No matter what injustice has been done to you, WE promise to:

1. Stand by your side. Give you the emotional and moral support you need.

2. Guide and help you through the reporting process to all law enforcement, task enforcement and/or government entities.

3. Give you a voice (to share your injustice story) via independent press 🎥 and EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA TOOL IMAGINABLE without the ridiculous fees that NPR or other resources would charge.

4. Help you seek free counseling, help you fill out and/or file government claim forms, efile small claims/limited/unlimited civil lawsuits so as to seek financial RESTITUTION for any emotional injuries and/or damages without the help of overpriced lawyers who only care for their bottom line OR lawyers who “pass” on your matter because they do not feel that YOUR legal matter is financially worth pursuing.



DID YOU KNOW THAT STATISTICALLY📈 (as of 2016), individuals representing themselves in “pro-per” (within California’s limited and/or unlimited Superior/Federal Courts) have been obtaining higher trial verdicts than individuals with lawyers? And, IN HALF THE TIME, i.e. 6 months to 1 year max. Especially within criminal related civil restitution cases.

Did you know that HIPPA violations allow victims compensation of up to $1.5 MILLION, per violation?

Did you know that civil criminal restitution cases follow similar procedures to that of a car accident case (for California)?  Most car accident attorneys DO NOT KNOW THIS.

Did you know that the ⚖ Courts have a list of “good-will” attorneys who MAY take your case and work pro-bono (for free)?

Don’t believe us, look it all up yourself via google.





During our crisis, we found HIGH PROFILE CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS such as renown criminal celebrity attorneys GERAGOS & GERAGOS and THE COCHRAN LAW FIRM to be kinder and more apt to help pro-per victims in guiding them toward civil restitution, solely to be nice (G-d bless them).


💙  A special THANK YOU to these prestigious firms for their help and for taking the time to care and give back.  This is why your firms are successful.  ➡️ Money isn’t everything.




We will always take your calls OR (if after operating hours), return your message within 24 hours. We will always respond to your emails.  We won’t just “guide” you. Just as your own family does during difficult times, we will be there when you need encouraging words. We will believe in you until you can emotionally restore yourself back to who you were before the tragedy occurred.

Bad people are selfish and think only of themselves; LIKEWISE, VICTIMS must come forward, face the battle for justice and place THEMSELVES first.

Life is hard. Bad things happen. *REMEMBER:  Prove to yourself, that you’re a survivor, NOT a victim. 👊

Be blessed- much love,

TRF Team💖